We desire to make traveling with us as easy as possible. That means that the more you know about our rules and services, the better. Below you will find vital information about our tickets, services, and traveling with us.

  • We try to comply punctually with our schedules, when the bus starts, it does not stop until it reaches its next scheduled destination.

  • People should treat each other with courtesy and respect at all times while traveling with us. We want every passenger to have the best possible travel experience.

El Corre Caminos wants to provide a safe, comfortable, and respectful environment for everyone – passengers, agents, contracted carriers, employees, and all persons in general.

We expect each individual to behave always in a civilized and respectful manner when in our establishments and transportation units, and in premises of our contractors.

We will not accept:

  • Abusive language
  • Aggressive or violent behavior
  • Inappropriate status
  • Sexual harassment
  • Physical Assault
  • Weapons or objects that could be used as weapons

In order to maintain a safe, comfortable, and suitable environment for all, we reserve the right to:

  • Take appropriate measures to address abusive and/or aggressive behaviors
  • Refuse service to anyone, including individuals under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs


We travel between our station in Fontana, Perris, and San Ysidro.


One Way tickets are valid for 30 days.
Round-Trip tickets are valid for 90 days.

Round-trip tickets may not be used for two trips in the same direction.

Unused one-way tickets will be refunded at 50% the value of the ticket.

Partially-used round-trip tickets will be refunded at the same rate for the unused portion of the ticket.


Children younger than three (3) travel for free, limit one per adult.

Children ages three to nine (3-9) travel at a reduced rate.

Minors Traveling Alone

Minors 13-17 may travel alone pending the following requirements:

  • Signed Permission Form from Legal Parent or Guardian (ID Required)
  • Adults and Minor both require ID for Minor to travel alone
  • Minors may not travel alone after 1:00 pm (call for details)
  • Must arrive at least 40 minutes before the bus departs

Authorization forms are provided at El Corre Caminos stations at the time of travel when purchasing the ticket.


We only allow service animals.


We have a fleet of full-sized buses of fifty (50) passengers or more.